Anirudh Goel

Hello, I am Anirudh Goel, a former Software Engineer at CERN, and I'm currently working on something exciting that's still under the wraps! I designed & developed this web page and it lists brief highlights of my professional journey. Apart from technology, I like to talk about finance (investing, fintech), business, education and baking.

Internships & Experiences


Software Developer
Feb '20 - Jan '23

Core member of the Database on Demand (DBoD) Team in the CERN IT department; DBoD runs 1000+ database instances of PostgreSQL, MySQL and InfluxDB.
  • High availability for PostgreSQL based critical services
    • Setup automated pipeline (using RunDeck, Docker, Nomad & Puppet) used to deploy multiple highly available PostgreSQL clusters for critical services
    • Wrote custom bash scripts for failover and online recovery. Patch also accepted for bug fix in official PgPool failover script.
    • Used synchronous replication to guarantee zero data loss; PgPool-II for load balancing and failover management; deployed using Nomad to ensure redundancy on PgPool level; used PgPool-II exporter, Prometheus and Prometheus alertmanager for real-time monitoring and alerts.
    • Active member of the PgPool hackers community; discovered and contributed to patching multiple bugs in the PgPool-II project.
  • Secondary Level Backup & Recovery System [Presented in HEPiX Autumn 2021]
    • Deployed using Puppet, a Python based service RPM that compresses (using zstd), encrypts and uploads new snapshots of 730+ database instances to EOS (CERN network storage) for ensuring a secondary layer of backups; 7.5 TBs of highly compressed (~80%) data backed up everyday.
    • Developed an automated restore service to continuously restore and test backups, for validating backup & restore pipelines for a reliable Point-in- Time Recovery in case of issues. Service helped uncover various issues - configuration mis-match in config file vs runtime, permission issues in database cluster, WAL level errors, etc.
Analytics Vidhya

Full Stack Web Developer
June '18 - Feb '19

  • Developed AV Analytics
    • Django based platform that records the complete journey of all users across company’s multiple platforms.
    • This data has helped to increase the customer acquisition by 54% and customer retention by 40%.
    • Accrued 85 Million records (2 Billion data points) till date, that are being used for various purposes including analytics and behavioural analysis.
    • The service has been scaled from few hundred to few thousand users per day without requiring any changes.
  • Setup pipeline using AWS Kinesis Data Stream to sync the users’ profiles across platforms to obtain a 360 degree view of all users.

Open Source Projects

Productive Calender
Productive Calender
A Django based application that functions as a complete planner with features like event organizing, Google Calender Sync, weather details, on-screen clock, responsive design and a beautiful UI.

This is a webapp to pin all images of one Pinterest Board to another automatically. Hosted on Heroku, it uses Heroku Postgres as Database, flask-user package for User Management, Redis To Go server to store the pinning tasks in a queue. Started as a hobby project, it has been approved by Pinterest is currently being used by 100+ users and has re-pinned 200,000+ pins till date.

Interests Ranker
Interests Ranker
A webapp which displays common interests of a group of people in form of a prioritized list by reading their Github Profiles. Can be used for knowing the audience for hosting a workshop or educational session or for knowing the strengths of some Hackathon team.

To Do List
No Server To Do List
A web-app to list down all your To-Do tasks because every now and then we need to write down our chores. A completely front-end based To Do List made using JavaScript, jQuery and Browser Local Storage.