Anirudh Goel

Hey, welcome to Anirudh's space on the Internet. Anirudh is a Software Engineer by Profession and an Entrepreneur at Heart. After his 9-6 at CERN, you can find him building new things, like  .

Internships & Experiences

Analytics Vidhya

Full Stack Web Developer
June '18 - Feb '19

  • Developed AV Analytics
    • Django based platform that records the complete journey of all users across company’s multiple platforms.
    • This data has helped to increase the customer acquisition by 54% and customer retention by 40%.
    • Accrued 85 Million records (2 Billion data points) till date, that are being used for various purposes including analytics and behavioural analysis.
    • The service has been scaled from few hundred to few thousand users per day without requiring any changes.
  • Setup pipeline using AWS Kinesis Data Stream to sync the users’ profiles across platforms to obtain a 360 degree view of all users.

Summer Student
June '17 - Sept '17

  • Developed the Web Notification Infrastructure for the future ALICE O2 System.
  • The infrastructure can push notifications via 3 different means of transport:
    • Using Web Sockets,
    • Using Service Workers (Chrome, Mozilla and other major browsers),
    • Using Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) for Safari.
  • Presented this infrastructure with a live demo in the ALICE Work Package 8 meeting.
  • Covered the code with Mocha tests (91.3% coverage), provided with JSDoc documentation and used Travis for continuous integration.
  • Created a unified notification trigger which can send notifications to both, browsers supporting service workers and to APNS with a single line terminal command.
  • All of this code and corresponding documentation is available on ALICE ControlGUI and GUI repository.
  • The Project Report can be found here.

Junior | Club Lead
Oct '15 - June '17

My Projects

Productive Calender
Productive Calender
A Django based application that functions as a complete planner with features like event organizing, Google Calender Sync, weather details, on-screen clock, responsive design and a beautiful UI.

Github | Demo
Pinterest Automatic
This is a webapp to pin all images of one Pinterest Board to another automatically. Hosted on Heroku, it uses Heroku Postgres as Database, flask-user package for User Management, Redis To Go server to store the pinning tasks in a queue. Started as a hobby project, it has been approved by Pinterest is currently being used by 100+ users and has re-pinned 200,000+ pins till date.

Live App
Whatsapp Emoji Suggestion
Whatsapp Emoticon Suggestions
Chrome Browser extension to convert text smileys to WhatsApp Emoticons and also provide suggestions of similar smilies (with shortcuts) for Whatsapp Web.

Github | Chrome Download | Mozilla Download
Education and Fun Chatbot
This Chatbot provides you with both, educational and witty answers. It uses multiple APIs to fetch different types of answers - HP HavenOn Demand, Wikipedia API, Google YouTube API, Pandora Bots API. Sometimes it gives you descriptive and informative answers, at other times it's just lousy.

Github | Demo
Interests Ranker
Interests Ranker
A webapp which displays common interests of a group of people in form of a prioritized list by reading their Github Profiles. Can be used for knowing the audience for hosting a workshop or educational session or for knowing the strengths of some Hackathon team.

Github | Demo
To Do List
To Do List
A web-app to list down all your To-Do tasks because every now and then we need to write down our chores. A completely front-end based To Do List made using JavaScript, jQuery and Browser Local Storage.

Github | Demo
Terminal Dictionary
Terminal Dictionary
Fun Python script to get the meaning of any word, with disambiguations, directly in the terminal.

Stock Monitor and Portfolio Manager
Stock Monitor and Portfolio Manager
In this web application, user can enter the information of stocks bought by him and the application obtains the live prices of these stocks along with net profit/loss & displays them in a Portfolio.


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